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women strike!

Working on the play "Women Strike - 1919-2019 - The Winnipeg General Strike" by Norman Nawrocki has been an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to meet talented and very professional actresses, learn about Canadian History, be fully engaged with women history and feminism. This has been a transformative experience. I got to play 2 profound and so interesting characters, be part of a play that was so well written. And on top of that and what was the most important, our Audience loved it! They laughed, they cried, they enjoyed it, we had so many great comments. I am so happy I got to share those moments with them. Thank you to Norman Nawrocki for choosing me as one of the actresses and giving me the opportunity to be the voice of his great characters. Thank you to Mélissa Toussaint, Micheline Chartier and Romy Léa for being such amazing scene partners. And thank you to Festival International de Théâtre Anarchiste de Montréal for letting us be part of this adventure.

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