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Height: 5"6   |   Eye Color: Green   |   Hair Color: Brown

Speak French [native], English [fluent], Spanish [bilingual], Italian [fluent]

Accents: spanish, french, italian, eastern Europe


Women Strike! 1919-2019, The Winnipeg General Strike/ Olha and Basia/Babushka Theatre | Montreal, 2019

No Way! No Way! / Danuta Danielsson and Virgilia D'Andrea/ Trees that talk   | Montreal, 2018​​

Maison d'horreur Malefycia / Nurse/  Malefycia |  Montreal, 2016

​Ghost Light /​Abigail Williams and Mother /Cours Peyran Lacroix | Paris, 2016  

Like, Set & Match / Several Characters/Cours Peyran Lacroix| Paris, 2015

Feature films

Hochelaga Terre des Ames ​​/ non speaking - Sportcaster assistant/ Max films productions, francois girard| Montreal, 2016

the bold type/ Actor Role - Dominatrix/ Universal, Kimberly Mccullough | Mtl, 2019

tv shows


365scu/LEAD - Athletic coach's client/ PRODUCED BY ME | Montreal, 2019

Wynn Hotel/ Actor role - assistant/  les enfants tv| Montreal, 2019

​Emprez/ lead - clerk/ estelle hebert| montreal, 2018

callspot/ actor role - assistant/ metro creative| montreal, 2016

​brp/ supporting actor - daughter/ fh studio| montreal, 2016

cateco/ supporting actor - wife/ productions chaumont| montreal, 2016


Margaux (Pilot)/ Lead - Margaux/ co-produced and co-created| Montreal, 2019

C&G (Pilot)/ Lead - Gina / co-produced, co-created and co-written| Mtl, 2019

A Louer (pilot)/ supporting actor - french roomatealexandra bergeron and bobby baucage| mtl, 2016

Voice  Over

Indicible /Voice principal / Magenta Baribeau/Montreal, 2020

C'était un vendredi 13 - Pray for paris/ woman/ Emeric Salander| Paris, 2015

a la derive/ woman/ Emeric Salander| Paris, 2015

short films

that was great/ supporting actor - assistant/ space castle productions| Montreal, 2018

Chandni (48h film race) supporting actor- witch/ guerrilla productions| Mtl, 2018

nice guy (kino kabaret)/ supporting actor - friend/ tobias wieneke| mtl, 2018

en voiture Simone! / lead- friend/ Yellow Wolf Productions|mtl, 2018

project g.o.d (48isff)/ supporting actor - robot/ Guerilla Productions| Montreal, 2017

the cure (3rd Annual Marietta International Film Festival)/ lead - survivor/ Guerilla Productions| Montreal, 2017

fallen soldier for the dollar/ supporting actor - perch/ Space Castle Productions| Montreal, 2017

objectif porno/ actor role/ Sylvain Joel| Paris, 2016

je suis barbara morgan (nikon festival)/ lead- barbara morgan/J-Pi Olivares| Paris, 2015

le signe/ supporting actor - girlfriend/ Anthony Journo, Ariane Uzan| Paris, 2016



Suzanna Le Nir | On Camera Acting Workshop | Montreal, 2019

Straeon Studio| Scene Study| Montreal, 2016, 2017

Cours Peyran Lacroix   |   The Actor Training  |  Philippe Peyran Lacroix | Paris, 2014-2016

Ateliers Ciné Théâtre  |  Theatre - Cinema  |  Florence Bolufer | Paris, 2011-2012

Bruno Fortier | Singing classes | Montreal, 2019

Brigitte O'Halloran  |  Singing Classes  | Montreal, 2017, 2018



Speak French [native], English [fluent], Spanish [bilingual], Italian [fluent]

Accents: spanish, italian, polish

Long distance runner, Bootcamp, Fitness, baladi

Improv, Theatre, Soprano, Drive Automatic, Really Good with animals

Web & social media skills, Producer and Writer